Quality Output

DK Bast Foundation Services, LLC

Brand Story

Founder Janet Ragland witnessed the hardships faced in rural Kentucky being brought up in an area that lacked sustainable employment, seeking to create a company that would improve the local community and serve its families, she created DK Bast Foundation Services, LLC in 2011. Janet is instrumental in the success of DK Bast and goes beyond to elevate its employees through training and education. Family and community are the main driving force behind her altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement.

Measures of Success
To date, DK Bast has created sustainable jobs in a historically underutilized business area that serves the construction industry with concrete foundation installation and repair, as well as the wireless tower industry with its civil division.

Why it Works
In an era of unprecedented competition and comparison a new consideration point has emerged. Do people enjoy working with you? Customers want more than a job well done, they want relationships and quality they can trust for years to come.

At DK Bast, we don't simply perform construction services, we build the future, let us help with your construction needs today. Call or email us to schedule an introduction meeting.